ATCS-Power Plants: Heat transfer optimization of steam condensers

Maintaining Steam Condenser Tubes Clean

ATCS-Power Plants conserves the heat exchange efficiency of steam condensers by maintaining the condenser tubes free of fouling. Rubber balls are recirculated at set time intervals to capture deposits accumulated in the condenser tubes.

How ATCS Works

The Tenergetica ATCS is installed on steam condensers and keeps tubes clean without human intervention. The system periodically injects into the tubes sponge balls that are slightly larger in diameter then the tubes themselves. The natural pressure head pushes the balls through the tube, which is thus rubbed clean. The balls are then trapped in the outlet of the condenser, where they are prepared for the next cleaning cycle.

Up to 25% electricity savings with automatica heat exchanger tube cleaning

Typical steam condenser installations take about 2 weeks, and require only a few days of process shutdown.

Trapping units are available in a variety of shapes and flow configurations to accommodate piping routes design and available space for installation.

Tenergetica ATCS’ Main Advantages:

  • Excellent cleaning: reaches all tubes, both central and peripheral.
  • Simple design: delivering high reliability, rapid installation, and effortless maintenance.
  • Wide range of sizes: suitable for a wide variety of heat exchangers.
  • Better ball trapping mechanism: absolutely no balls lost.
  • Accurate control of the cleaning process: customizable cleaning intervals provide high performance and minimize balls’ wear.

Tenergetica ATCS Benefits

  • Tubes are kept clean at all times.
  • Heat exchanger constantly works at maximum efficiency.
  • No downtime for periodic maintenance
  • No chemicals and residues disposal hassle.
  • Simple maintenance through continuous, automatic cleaning.
  • Extends system service period.
  • Innovative design delivers high reliability and simple integration.

ATCS vs. Manual Off-line Cleaning

Continuously operating
at maximum efficiency.
Performance gradually
decreases between treatments.
SHUTDOWN No shutdown normally.
On-line cleaning.
Requires shutdown for cleaning.
No residues.
Cleaning chemicals & residues
harmful to environment.
Fully automatic.
Effortless maintenance.
High due to performance
monitoring & manual cleaning.

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