Chlorine-Gen generación de cloro en sitio

Chlorine’s many industrial uses

Because of its reactivity and bonding characteristics, chlorine has become an essential chemical building block, leading to a myriad of materials that are used to make the products we use every day for public health, safety, nutrition, security, transportation, lifestyle and high-tech innovation. Drinking water, agricultural abundance, disinfected wastewater, essential industrial chemicals, bleaches and fuels, all depend on chlorine. Pharmaceuticals, plastics, dyes, cosmetics, coatings, electronics, clothing and automobile parts are examples of product groups that depend on chlorine chemistry.

On-site chlorine production is safe and practical

Chlorine has a stellar record in the disinfection of water, but in recent years its reputation has suffered a steady assault from activists opposed to its production and use. Perhaps their greatest objection is the possibility that thousands of people could be killed if a railcar or storage tank of the corrosive and highly poisonous gas were ruptured in a highly populated area.

SRCL on-site chlorine generation equipment

SRCL for on-site chlorine generation has been designed to accommodate all applications for municipal and industrial use, and can be customized for installation as required.

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