SRCT-LS: Large scale cooling towers chemical-free water treatment

Automatic Chemical-free Water Treatment and Filtering

for Large Scale Cooling Towers

SRCT-LS Large Scale Cooling Tower Automatic Water Treatment System, employs the latest technologies to provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution that maintains cooling towers free of scale and bio-fouling.

SRCT-LS is intended for cooling towers with capacity of 5000 TR and upwards and can be configured modularly depending on the needs of specific applications.

SRCT-LS implements electrolytic technology that delivers electrodeposition of salts and carbonates, electrochlorination and electro-oxidation, which combine with a high efficiency filtering system and PLC control to provide superior water treatment results in comparison to chemical treatment.

Operation Characteristics

  • Automatic and reliable turnkey system.
  • Continuously cleans the basin water, removing dirt and deposits.
  • Avoids the need of chemical treatment and dosing equipment.
  • Saves up to 80% of the blow-down water.
  • 100% of blow-down water can be re-used for irrigation or services.
  • High performance sand filter cleans water and captures solids.
  • Automatic self-cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and scale.
  • Controls and kills bacteria, prevents growth of algae.
  • Operation of the tower at up to 4500 µs/cm without forming scale.
  • Creates an alkaline pH environment that prevents corrosion.
  • Configurable according to the existing water quality.
  • Requires no additives or consumables.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Robust long life.
  • Absolutely environmentally safe.
  • Optional automatic bleed control.

Satisfied Customers

Thousands of satisfied customers around the world have installed SR-CT systems to provide automatic and continuous water treatment to cooling towers.

Large scale SRCT is suitable for:

  • Industries
  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical plants

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