Steam condensers heat transfer optimization

Conservation of heat transfer in condenser tubes

The conservation of optimal heat transfer in tubes of water-cooled steam condensers is vital for the efficient operation of steam turbines and compressors. The accumulation of fouling in the condenser tubes reduces heat transfer. As little as 1/2 mm of fouling can reduce condensate vacuum by 20%.

Clean condenser tubes deliver optimal heat transfer:

  • Maintain a constant level of condensate vacuum, conserving the Delta P driving the turbine efficiency.
  • Prevent increased energy consumption by conserving the level of steam flow required to pressurize the turbine.
  • Increase plant productivity by preventing stoppage days otherwise required for manual cleaning of the tubes.

ATCS – Power Plants

ATCS -Power Plants condenser tube cleaning is the most efficient on-line solution for the conservation of heat transfer in condenser tubes.

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