Buildings and Facilities

Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Commercial Malls

CQM’s innovative, environmentally friendly technology boosts energy efficiency and saves water in central air conditioning systems and cooling towers. Our customers enjoy significant savings resulting from lower energy consumption, water re-use and simpler maintenance.

On-Line Optimization of Cooling Circuits

CQM’s solutions deliver constant optimization of energy and water consumption of HVAC cooling circuits, by means of its patented, ecological and low maintenance technologies. CQM’s solutions provide the required operating conditions to achieve maximum cooling efficiency in water-cooled HVAC systems and coolig towers. Thousands of Tenergetica installations worldwide deliver significant savings in energy and water consumption and help keep bleed water free of harmful chemicals.


  • Up to 25% savings in electricity consumption.
  • Up to 30% savings in water consumption.
  • Simple, low frequency maintenance.
  • Avoids the use and disposal of harmful chemicals.
  • Helps protect HVAC equipment and extend its useful life.
  • Fast return on investment.
Electricity savings in facilities delivered by ATCS

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