Power Plants

Generate more Electricity with Tenergetica Solutions

Tenergetica provides innovative solutions for on-line cleaning of steam condensers in either steam or combined cycle power plants. Our customers around the world enjoy increased power generation by reducing plant downtime thanks to continuously clean, efficient condensers.

They also save on energy due to reduced steam consumption and maintenance costs.

Utility Owners: More Power – More Sales

  • Up to 4% increase in power plant annual generation.
  • Power generated at maximum efficiency at all times.
  • Reduces steam consumption by optimizing condensate vacuum.
  • Simple maintenance through continuous, automatic cleaning. No condenser and BOP downtime.
  • No chemicals and fouling residues disposal hassle.
  • Extends plant availability period.
  • Rapid, simple installation.

Power Plant Operation Managers:

Automatic Cleaning that Really Works

  • Absolutely no sponge balls lost.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • Thorough cleaning with uniform spread of sponge balls to both central and peripheral tubes.
  • Less parts – higher reliability.
  • Simple maintenance through continuous, automatic on-line cleaning. No condenser downtime.
  • Accurate control of the cleaning process: cleaning periods are customizable to maintain a high level of performance, and minimize balls’ wear.
  • No heating of the condenser inlet caused by warm water re-injection.
  • Power Plant Designers: Keep it Simple